Thursday, May 14, 2020

Yum One of the configured repositories failed (Unknown) error Fix - Centos7

If you are going to update or install a package in yum t, then you suddenly see yum is stopping with following message.!!!. No worries. You can fix this issue following below steps.

Unable to run yum update - Stack Overflow


First of all we have to troubleshoot the issues, as it can reveal some more information and at least it gives more knowledge. 

This issue is caused by some problem in a repository called epel (extra packages from enterprise linux). It has something to do with expired ca-certificates. When surfing internet you can find some suggestions and workarounds. below workaround and fix worked for me...


This can be skipped by modifying the epel repe configuration. use text editor (vi,vim, nano etc) to edit /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo

Then edit 4th line, change https to http.(red underlined in below image) and save

Then you would be able to do normal yum operations.

For permanent fix, you can update the repos after this, and then revert the changes. as https is way better than http.

If you have any question regarding this, contact me. or google it.

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  1. Not working for me I suspect all my repositories already disabled but still not able to use yum install dhcpd